Amar Stewart

Amar Stewart is a visual artist based out of Asheville, North Carolina. Originally from Leamington Spa, UK, Amar was exposed to visual arts from a young age. Working in the skateboard industry throughout his teens, he move to London around the age of nineteen working in the streetwear business and working with artists selling their clothing and curating art shows. He wanted to pursue his own career in painting so spent several years after his work schedule teaching himself to paint portraits.

When he discovered working with oil the work started to develop.

In 2013, Amar moved to Brooklyn, New York the birthplace of Hip-Hop and decided to create a body of work titled “Hip-Hop Royalty”. These works portrayed Hip-Hop icons that had inspired Amar throughout his life, into Royalty. The message was to highlight people of color in a way that was not typical in the 16th and 17th century. In 2019 Amar moved to Asheville, NC to continue to paint and explore new techniques and subjects. If he’s not in the studio you can catch him at his local brewery having a frosty one.

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