Show image caption April is the Cruellest Month - Photo by Thierry Bal

Six Degrees of Francis Bacon

Did you know that you have a connection to every work of art in the world?

If you want to find out how, sign up to be part of our Six Degrees challenge and explore one of the artworks we have on show right now.

We’ll send you six prompts, each with a curious challenge to send you off around the web, hunting down artworks around the world. After six days, you’ll have a unique chain of connections that link you to one of the 7 England’s Creative Coast Waterfronts artworks across the southeast, April is the Cruellest Month  by Michael Rakowitz – you may have even seen the artwork standing near the Surfboat Memorial on Margate Seafront already.

If you like puzzles, finding out curious facts about art or sharing stories, you’ll enjoy this.

What’s involved?

  • The challenges: Sign up and you’ll receive 6 prompts over 6 days. You can complete the activities at your own pace, in your own time, and you can put in as much time as you want into taking part. You can choose to receive your prompts in an email, or you can sign up to the Facebook group and see how other people are dealing with the challenges!
  • Welcome morning: If you’d like to, you can join us for a welcome morning at the gallery. We’ll talk through the activities and the digital skills involved, answer any questions you might have, and introduce the artwork. If you’d rather not attend, or can’t make it, you can still take part in the Six Degrees challenge. Once you sign up below, you’ll receive your first prompt at the same time as everyone else. The rest takes place online, and you’ll be able to meet each other online at the end at our Zoom wrap-up.
  • Zoom Wrap-up: At the end, we’ll compile all of your findings together into a slideshow and we’ll meet on Zoom to share the connections we found.

Who can join in?

These activities have been developed for over 60s in Thanet.

To get started, click below to sign up by Sunday 15th August. We’ll be in touch soon afterwards with the details.


If you know someone that would like to join in, but doesn’t have a device to access emails or Facebook, please let us know so we can try to arrange support for them to take part. We have a limited number of devices that we can loan. Contact Georgia Dack, Learning Producer, at


19th August:  Optional welcome morning

23rd – 28th August:  6 daily challenges are sent out

1st or 2nd September: Zoom wrap-up

Sign up to book your attendance.