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To celebrate the new £20 note coming into circulation, Turner Contemporary is asking people to donate £20 to support the gallery's work and future programme as it counts down to its 10th anniversary in 2021.

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New £20 note to feature Turner Contemporary's iconic building enters circulation

The new £20 note, featuring JMW Turner, came into circulation on 20th February 2020. A large see-through window with a blue and gold foil on the front depicts Turner Contemporary and the Margate lighthouse, among other elements associated with the artist. Turner Contemporary is the first contemporary building to feature on a UK bank note.

Victoria Pomery OBE, Director of Turner Contemporary said: “We are thrilled to feature on the new £20 note which centres on Turner Contemporary’s namesake, JMW Turner (1775 – 1851), who was a regular visitor to Margate in his lifetime. Turner’s legacy runs through everything we do – from our architecture, to our world-class programme of contemporary and historical exhibitions to our work with children and young people. Being featured on the new £20 note is a truly exceptional moment in our journey. Placing JMW Turner at the heart of this celebrates the vital role that arts and creativity play in our lives.”

In October 2019, at Turner Contemporary, the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, unveiled the design of the new £20 note featuring JMW Turner. Commenting on the new note, the Governor said: “Our banknotes celebrate the UK’s heritage, salute its culture, and testify to the achievements of its most notable individuals. And so it is with the new £20 banknote, featuring JMW Turner, launched today at Turner Contemporary in Margate. Turner’s contribution to art extends well beyond his favourite stretch of shoreline. Turner’s painting was transformative, his influence spanned lifetimes, and his legacy endures today. The new £20 note celebrates Turner, his art and his legacy in all their radiant, colourful, evocative glory.”

This extraordinary moment builds on Turner Contemporary’s success so far. After 9 years of successful operation, the gallery has established an international profile as well as connecting with thousands of individuals that have never visited a gallery in their lives before . It has driven significant economic impact, injecting over £70million directly into the Kent economy and has had 3.5million visits since 2011, far exceeding the initial projections of 150,000 visits per year.

Beyond this, over 100,000 local children and young people have connected with its learning programme to date. Soon, a whole generation will not know life without access to an internationally renowned gallery and creative opportunities, on their doorstep. As it builds towards its 10th anniversary, Turner Contemporary continues to rely on sources of public and private investment to sustain its work; inspiring transformation through art, creativity and innovation.

To celebrate the new £20 note coming into circulation, Turner Contemporary is asking people to donate £20 to support the gallery’s work and future programme as it counts down to its 10th anniversary in 2021. The next exhibition, The Tourists: Ellen Harvey & JMW Turner (Friday 22nd May – Sunday 6th September 2020), will feature 17 works by JMW Turner. To ensure that great art is accessible for everyone, entry to the exhibition is free. Turner Contemporary is a registered charity (1129974) and relies on donations to support its ongoing work in Kent.


Watch the moment that the £20 note was unveiled at Turner Contemporary

Hear from Mark Carney, Victoria Pomery and Tracey Emin, October 2019

How can I donate £20 to Turner Contemporary?

Online: Make a donation today
Cash: Bring your old £20 note to Turner Contemporary and place it in one of our donation boxes
Contactless: Give via our contactless donation point when you next visit Turner Contemporary

Having access to art and culture is proven to promote wellbeing, encourage debate and inspire new ways of thinking. Supporting us means that we can sustain the gallery’s work and continue to drive regeneration for our communities.

What is Turner Contemporary’s connection with JMW Turner?

Turner Contemporary has a longstanding association with JMW Turner. Internationally renowned architect David Chipperfield designed the iconic building that now features on the new £20 note. Sited on the spot where Turner stayed in Margate, from the windows, you can see the skies that he famously called “the loveliest in all Europe”.

In Autumn 2019, Turner Contemporary hosted the prestigious Turner Prize 2019 exhibition, named after the artist, as he had wanted to create a prize for young artists in his day. Every other year the prize leaves Tate Britain and is hosted at a venue outside of London. Turner Contemporary is the first venue outside of London to have hosted the prize to have a direct connection with JMW Turner. The exhibition at Turner Contemporary received over 140,000 visits. It was the gallery’s most popular Autumn exhibition ever. It was also the second most visited Turner Prize exhibition of all time since the Prize was established in 1984.

This summer, Turner Contemporary will exhibit The Tourists: Ellen Harvey & JMW Turner. New York based artist Ellen Harvey’s large-scale installations, paintings and etchings will be, paired with 17 works by JMW Turner, chosen by the artist. The exhibition will explore themes of tourism, ecology and our relationship to place, image-making, nostalgia, and loss.

Why donate to Turner Contemporary?

We are a registered charity and last year, thousands of people donated to Turner Contemporary. We are completely free to enter, which means that world-class art is accessible to everyone, regardless of where they live or what they can afford.

But, we need your help to keep bringing the best exhibitions and events to our communities. If you like what we do, we hope you will consider supporting our ongoing work here in Kent.

Every contribution, whatever the amount, makes a difference. Support Turner Contemporary today – it only takes a minute.

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