Looking Mindfully at Art

In this simple calming activity you’ll be doing a guided meditation on J.M.W Turner’s painting The Evening Star. What can you see when you spend time with an artwork?

You will need: A pen and some sticky notes.

Warm up

This activity is all about being present and focused, so before we start, join in with this “square breathing” warm up to slow down, relax and focus.

Activity part 1

Let’s take 3 minutes to take in JMW Turner’s painting The Evening Star in this guided meditation. There is no pressure, just look closely and see what you can notice when you allow yourself to be with the artwork.

Activity part 2

Write down a one word response to your experience of the painting and share with your peers.


Take a moment to think about the activity – can you use a visual anchor to help you with concentration in any other situation?