Portfolio X Windmill Community Gardens

Portfolio 2024 Theme: ADAPT

  • Aged under 25?
  • Living in Kent/ Medway?
  • Like to express yourself, have things to say and want to take action?

Portfolio is a platform for young people to get their art and ideas out in the world. Each year we pair up with someone new (artists, advocacy groups, fellow young people) to set a theme and select work to be shown at Turner Contemporary as part of our summer exhibition. It’s free for individuals or groups to enter, selected pieces are shown as part of a group show for three months and seen by over 80,000 people. It’s an opportunity not to be missed. 

This year we’ve joined up with Windmill Community Gardens, a local community group who seek to create a safe and sustainable environment for people and nature work harmoniously together by utilising what is available, sharing resources and reusing materials.

The Brief: Adapt

Through the theme ADAPT, we hope to encourage aspiring artists to take a closer look at their surroundings, explore sustainability and find innovative ways to create art.  

Harvest your inner curiosity and show the world, HOW YOU ADAPT. 

Plant your creative seed now and see what grows by the deadline 5pm, Friday 19 April.


  • You can enter as a group for collaborative pieces (youth groups, schools etc). If you are a teacher submitting individual students, it is okay to reuse the same email but please use the student’s name for the submission.
  • There are no limits to the type of work you can submit, but please do take into consideration you are responsible for transporting your work.
  • Please be aware we cannot accept artwork larger than H 200cm x W 100cm x D 100cm, due to the exhibition being a shared space. Do not let this inhibit your work, try and document your work in a new way (photograph, video, spoken word etc).

Submissions are now closed

2023 Artist Submission


Age: 21 – 25

I was very proud to showcase my zine and poster at the Turner, as it enabled a wider audience to understand and appreciate my work. The hope is that the zine has inspired other young artists and designers to enter next year, and want to produce something meaningful and purposeful, which will empower others to take action on a key issue, such as climate change. 

About Portfolio

Portfolio is a free platform for young people living under the age of 25 in Kent and Medway to get their art and ideas out in the world. This year we have partnered with Windmill Community Gardens, who invite you to embrace this year’s theme ADAPT