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Portfolio 2023 Theme: Rising

  • Aged between 1 -25?
  • Living in Kent/ Medway?
  • Like to express yourself, have things to say and want to take action?

This is your opportunity to get your art and ideas shown at Turner Contemporary and seen by thousands.

Portfolio is a platform for young people to respond to meaningful themes. This year we’ve joined up with Rise Up Clean Up, a local environmental advocacy group set up in 2020 to help tackle the litter pollution on Margate’s beaches. Aiming to inspire, unite and empower the community to take action as one unit. We’ve worked with them to set a brief for you, as outlined below.

Deadline for entries: March 31st 2023.

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The Brief : Rising

Rising ~ A word that is both inspiring and frightening.

We are living in a time of climate crisis. Rising consumption leads to rising numbers of plastics produced which leads to rising pollution, rising temperatures and rising sea levels.

But it is not all bad; there is hope. Rising awareness of these issues is leading to rising activism, rising social outcry, and a future generation with a rising desire to do things differently.

We are interested in art that addresses the full spectrum of these issues. We want to see work that highlights the dangers we face, as well as work that celebrates what we can do to change current systems. Art does not just have to exist on a canvas. We are keen to see people thinking outside of traditional artistic mediums. Art can be a public protest, a piece of land art, or even an invention that tackles the environmental challenges we face. Art can be performance, it can be filmed, it can be poetry.

At RISE UP. CLEAN UP. we care deeply about this planet and the future we are leaving for younger generations.

It’s your planet and your future, so RISE UP and let your voice be heard.

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