Mindful Drawing

This activity will teach you how to use drawing techniques as tools for being calm and creative. Draw along with these timed exercises and try to enjoy the process of creating rather than the end result.

You will need: at least 2 sheets of paper, and some drawing tools – pens, pencils, pastel, crayon, anything!

Warm Up

In this physical warm up, re-energize and shake out your worries.

Activity part 1

Draw along with this quickfire blind contour drawing exercise. Pick a subject (this could be a person or an object) and look closely – don’t look at the drawing and don’t take your pen off the paper until you’re done!

Activity part 2

Draw along with this quickfire Automatic Drawing activity – let your hand take control and draw without a plan.


Lets take a moment to reflect on these activities. Why not try them again with no time limit?