Mindful Soundscapes

How much can you notice when you really pay attention to your senses? Practice mindful listening in this guided exercise,  and translate what you hear into a visual soundscape!

You will need: A comfortable seat, a pen or pencil, and your choice of art materials – paint, pastels, pens, etc.

Warm Up

Before we start listening, bring yourself to the present moment and join in with this colourful breathing exercise. You may want to stand for this warm up.

Activity part 1

In this guided listening exercise, take a comfortable seat, close your eyes, and tune in to your senses to listen to the sounds around you.

Activity part 2

Following the guided listening exercise, find out how you can translate what you heard into a visual representation using your art materials.


Let’s reflect on this exercise – where else could you try this? What different sounds would you find?