Turner Skies Mindful Moment

Take a mindful moment to look at the view from Turner Contemporary, and use it as an anchor to pull you back to the present moment. Practice concentration, close looking and awareness as you take in the seascape, and then translate your unique experience into an artwork with your classmates.

You will need: a large piece of paper, and any art materials to hand – paints, pens, charcoal, etc.

Warm Up

Before the activity, let’s use this breathing concentration exercise to take a moment to relax and clear our minds. You may want to stand up for this warm up.

Activity part 1

Take part in this guided meditation on the view of Margate’s famous sea and skies, and see what you can get from taking the time to look closely.

Activity part 2

In this video, learn how to create your own collaborative artwork inspired by the meditation on the view.


Now let’s take a moment to reflect on this experience with a few questions. Don’t feel you have to answer them right away, but make sure to give it some thought. Where else could you try this looking exercise?