Join artist and filmmaker Jamie Crewe for an artist’s talk at Turner Contemporary in which Crewe will discuss ‘DEMONIC HALF-PERSON’, a creative technique that recurs throughout their practice. This event is co-facilitated by OSE Associate Emelia Kerr Beale, who will host a Q&A after the talk.

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Wednesday 1 May 2024, 5:45pm

Wednesday 1 May 2024, 5:45pm - 8:00pm

Turner Contemporary Rendezvous, Margate, Kent CT9 1HG
Turner Contemporary Rendezvous, Margate, Kent CT9 1HG

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‘DEMONIC HALF-PERSON’ describes positions or states of inhumanity, and things that are not quite people. It asks: what might be escaped when humanity is shrugged off, or torn from a person? What are you licensed to do to a person who is not (fully, completely, or correctly) a person? What does everyone else have that I am missing? DEMONIC HALF-PERSON will chart the recurrence of such questions and themes across Crewe’s life and practice.

Participants are encouraged to think about what recurs in their own lives and practices: gestures, themes, or images that keep coming up, intentionally or not.

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About Jamie Crewe

Jamie Crewe is a beautiful bronze figure with a polished cocotte’s head. They make artworks with video, text, installation, sculpture, drawing, painting, and more.

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OSE Public Programme 2023-24

This year’s Associate-led Public Programme, Where Echo Lies, takes us to the edges of our experience, where it is dark, and all is not necessarily clear. Plunging into new depths, the programme thinks through deep time and the unconscious mind. What forms of solace might be found in the night that cannot emerge in the light of day? What might we hear when surrounded by this darkness? Through myth making, spectatorship, performance, and painting, you are invited to look inward and ask how can our experience help us understand what lies beneath the knowable?

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