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POW Margate Zine Fair and Workshop

Foyle Rooms and Clore Learning Studio

POW's successful Zine Fair and zine crafting workshop come to Turner Contemporary. This is a free drop-in event open to all ages.

This event has passed
Sunday 12 March 2023, 12.00

Sunday 12 March 2023, 12.00-4.00pm

Turner Contemporary Rendezvous, Margate, Kent CT9 1HG

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Join us for an afternoon of zines, illustrations, stickers, badges, and prints, plus a zine-making craft table, so you can make your own to take home or give to a friend.

Margate Zine Fair celebrates zine culture in Kent and the South East (plus some pals from London), creating a hub for local zinesters to share and sell their work. Full line up to be announced soon.

Margate Zine Fair is proudly trans+ and queer inclusive, fat-positive, anti-racist, and crip / mad celebratory.

The zines and their makers will be attending the event and advise that some of their content is of an adult nature. They can guide you to age-appropriate zines on the day if you come with under 16s.

Where and when?

  • The Zine Fair will take place in the Foyle Rooms on the ground floor, 12.00 – 4.00pm
  • The zine crafting workshop will take place in the Clore Learning Studio on the first floor, 1.00 – 4.00pm


Chess Club Magazine

“We started this zine as a group of 6 bored anarchists in a classroom on a Thursday afternoon. We were kind of lost with what to do with ourselves and the group we had made, so we decided to sit down and write something. It took us three months to come up with our first issue, turning many corners to get there but we’re happy with what we are doing. As young people, we are disillusioned and want to build ourselves a platform to both explore and write for ourselves and to show and remind others of ideas that we think are important to our understanding of the world. Ware called the chess club magazine because we’d advertised the room that we meet in at school, and then just after that, the chess club moved into the room that we had taken. So we took their name! We hope we carry on as we are and maybe grow to something bigger and stronger! Thanks to all our readers and everyone who has contributed to building us up!!” @chessclubmagazine

Dellana Ariévta

Dellana Ariévta graduated from the Indonesian Institute of The Arts in Visual Communication Design (2017) and is currently continuing her studies in MA Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins University of The Arts London. She has run an illustrated goods business, crafted from her Bedroom Studio since 2015. She has experience in art fairs, and craft-making workshops and has also published an art book called Doodlegänger: Meet Your Doppelgänger in A Doodle.(2017).

Check out her studio practice on Instagram @xdoodleganger and/or @delllana for your daily dose of memes. :> !

Dellana’s current project re-examines the meaning-making of graphic design by exploring the influences of media bias and embodying the impact of the patriarchal representation of women. These experimental publications explore the impact of how Indonesian women were represented in graphic advertisements in magazines two decades ago.

Greta Sharp

Greta is a transqueer disabled artist, writer and researcher, who works across multiple disciplines, mainly publications, workshops, collage, and academic research. Their research is located in the intersection between transqueer identities and disability, focusing on the voice and embodied forms of healing within community. Greta has been exploring their personal relationship with the sea as a survivor whose trauma is located in their bodymind with sounds, sights and smells of the British seaside. Their exploration into the voice expands on research into queer spirituality, being in the sea as a form of resourcing and co-regulation, relating to the sea as a trans AFAB (assigned female at birth) person, and crip care and access. They are working on new zines around memory, re-membering, collage, and grief.

Holly Casio

Holly Casio is a Dover-based queer artist, zine maker, and trade unionist. She makes queer zines and diy comics about queer pop culture, fat bodies, class, mental health, and Bruce Springsteen. She is also a zine librarian and co-founder of the Queer Zine Library – a roaming diy zine collection celebrating radical LGBTQIA+ self-publishing. @hollycasio and @queerzinelibrary

Milk & Moon 

Katy Lockey is a Kent artist obsessed with small shiny objects, bodies, mythology and the feminine. Expect a pick n’ mix of enamel pins, prints, zines, stickers and feminist goodies. @milkandmoonuk

Nancy ArtMusic

Nancy ArtMusic is a half Latvian half Tanzanian woman with an American accent living in London. She is the creator of the Umeboshi comics and host of the Flawed Workshop podcast. If you love uplifting art, cute comics, and philosophical conversations about what it’s like to be a creative person, you’ll get along great.

pink suits

pink suits are a Non Binary, Queer Feminist Punk Rock & Rage duo based in Margate, UK. Formed in 2017, pink suits make loud aggressive political punk noise as well as dance, physical theatre, film and art. pink suits work is an exploration of sexuality, fantasy, mental health, politics, activism and is a resistance of binary gender expectations, questioning how voices and bodies can be used as a form of protest. @pinksuitsband

Ray Felix Carter

Ray Felix Carter (they/them) is a Black, genderqueer, neurodivergent facilitator and artist-entity. They live and grew up in Seabrook, just outside of Folkestone. Ray has an interest in undefinable spaces; queerness, messiness, trans joy, and freedom from the limits of neurotypical expectations. They make silly little comics about nothing much! When they can get themselves to concentrate, they love to draw, paint, collage and write poetry. They also love to swim in the sea, play the flute, and spend time in nature with their friends. @rayfelixcarter 

Shelly Grotto

Shelly Grotto is an ornate subterranean drag queen, currently ranked as the No. 1 visitor attraction in Margate. She burst onto the Local drag scene in 2019 after unsuccessfully completing Janet District Council’s drag internship scheme. Alongside her notable performance accolades and recent crowning as queen of the Shell Grotto, she is a passionate ambassador for nurturing emerging drag talent and has published a zine on the subject. @shellygrotto

Trish Sumanasekera

Trish Sumanasekera is a Sri Lankan illustrator and jewellery maker based in Kent. After studying animation at university, she set up her own Etsy shop selling polymer clay jewellery, and has worked on several freelance animation projects. She is now focusing on freelance illustration work. Using traditional art materials, her work is primarily created using gouache and coloured pencil. @trishisnotmyname