Turner Prize 2019 Event

Turner Prize 2019 - Closing Weekend

For the final closing weekend of the Turner Prize 2019, Turner Contemporary presents a special programme of activity and performance.

This event has passed
Sat 11 January 2020

Sat 11 January 2020

Turner Contemporary Rendezvous, Margate, Kent CT9 1HG

What's on:

Saturday 11 January 2020:

Oscar Murillo – Parque Industrial, Readings 

Sat 11 Jan, 12 midday

Oscar Murillo presents readings of the 1933 novela Parque Industrial: romance proletario (Industrial Park: a proletarian novel), by Patrícia Galvão, a Brazilian Modernist writer and dissident under the Vargas dictatorship. Set in the working-class Brás district of 1920s Sao Paulo, the novela centres on intersecting stories of factory labourers, many of them female, in industries such as clothing and textiles. Narrated by a succession of characters with no central protagonist, Parque Industrial addresses issues of poverty, racial prejudice, exploitation – including gendered and sexual exploitation – and collective political organising. The book, which will be read aloud in its entirety during the Turner Prize exhibition, invites further contemplation of themes raised by Murillo’s work collective conscience, such as the fragmentary effects of labour and the possibilities (or limitations) of collectivity.

Oscar Murillo, Turner Prize 2019, courtesy Turner Contemporary and the artist. Photograph by David Levene

Helen Cammock  – Long Note, Performances 

Sat 11 Jan, 2pm

Helen Cammock will present two solo spoken word and sung performances, that expand on themes in both Cammock’s Turner Prize exhibition and in her practise more widely. They use texts from a range of historical and contemporary sources – from blues to folk song and from political tract to Shakespeare, and are woven together using Cammock’s own words.

Helen Cammock, Turner Prize 2019, courtesy Turner Contemporary and the artist. Photograph by David Levene

Lawrence Abu Hamdan – screening and listening session

Sat 11 Jan, 3.30pm – 4.45pm 

No late admittance.

Audio work/Listening session:  Saydnaya (the missing 19db) 

Screening: Rubber Coated Steel, 21’50’’, 2016

Unique opportunity to see/hear two works that give further important context to Abu Hamdan’s Turner Prize 2019 exhibition.

With Saydnaya (missing 19db) we can hear the sound that normally accompanies the silent lightbox work included in Abu Hamdan’s Turner Prize 2019 exhibition;  a deeply affective account of the use of torture and it’s connection the oppressive use of silence in the Syrian state prison of Saydnaya. This listening session will take place in a dark space, and deals with violent and traumatic events, so not suitable for children.

Shot in an indoor shooting range Rubber Coated Steel is a video work which presents a fictitious trial of a real murder case –  that of two unarmed teenagers, shot and killed by Israeli soldiers in the occupied West Bank. Through detailed acoustic analysis, Abu Hamdan establishes that they had used live rounds,  whilst actively attempting to disguise the shots to make them sound like rubber bullets were used.

Lawrence Abu Hamdan, installation view of Walled Unwalled 2018, Turner Prize 2019 at Turner Contemporary, Margate 2019. Photo by Stephen White