World Ocean Day Workshop

Schools project • 2023

World Ocean Day Workshop

In celebration of World Ocean Day 2023, Turner Contemporary hosted local artist Aphra Shemza in collaboration with SPACER, to run an environmental workshop with local school children, part of the Young Environmental Leaders project.

Plastic pollution, climate change and jellyfish are all linked and all along our coast. In collaboration with SPACER, a local interdisciplinary studio with an environmental and sustainability focus, and hosted by SPACER’s artist-in-residence Aphra Shemza, this art and science workshop taught children from the Young Environmental Leaders (YEL) project about the jellyfish living on our shores and gave them the opportunity to make a jellyfish mobile to take back to school.


SPACER is an interdisciplinary creative studio that is actively developing and sharing a fully sustainable practice. They create artworks as individual artists and as a collective, that speak to the ecological crises.

About Aphra Shemza

Aphra Shemza is a UK-based multimedia artist with over a decade of experience working in the arts. They create interactive sculptures and installations for private collectors and public institutions and exhibit their work around the globe.