Kavitha Balasingham

London-based artist Kavitha Balasingham (b. 1994, Kent) earned her MFA from Goldsmiths in 2022.

London-based artist Kavitha Balasingham (b. 1994, Kent) earned her MFA from Goldsmiths in 2022. Her artwork has been featured in various galleries, including a duo exhibition at Indigo Plus Madder and Sadie Coles HQ Shop, and has gained international recognition in Milan and Marseille. Kavitha’s achievements have been recognized by the Gilbert Bayes Sculpture Grant, the Goldsmiths MFA Junior Fellowship award, and support from the Arts Council England Project Grant which contributed to her co-founded project, ‘Ghost Show,’ an immersive exhibition that actively engages with the South London community through spoofy horror art.

Kavitha’s practice is inspired by Pleasure Activist, Adrienne Maree Brown. Kavitha recognizes the significance of reconnecting with the earth as a means of rediscovering a sense of belonging. Brown’s philosophy reminds us that the ground beneath our feet, wherever we may be, is constant and unchanging. Home, she asserts, is defined by the associations of safety and love, rather than the displaced land it occupies. Kavitha resonates with this perspective, finding solace and a sense of belonging in her family home in Kent. It’s a place where she can be herself, unburdened by the external associations of the location. This concept of displaced earth and the connection between sense of place and personal belonging form a rich thematic underpinning in her work. Kavitha celebrates the transformative power of desire, the erotic, and pleasure. Her work invites us on a captivating journey that challenges preconceived notions, exploring the intricate tapestry of human experiences.

Kavitha’s practice uses the whimsical and the extraordinary such as the illogical rules of cartoon physics and the idea of portals to transport you into a world that’s both strange and captivating. It’s like stepping through an existential black hole into a space that’s safe yet eerie, where elements of nostalgia and technology blend to create a unique atmosphere. Her work balances humour, grotesque elements, sensuality, and playfulness while evoking a sense of the past and a longing for it. The materials she uses are transformed into ambiguous forms, offering a touch of absurdity and leaving them open to interpretation giving the work a sense of being both provisional and unclassifiable.


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