Children's Art Library

Get inspired this autumn and winter in our Clore learning studio space, which will become home to over 400 creative books for children and young people and free creative learning workshops

The space will be a warm bank welcoming people to play, learn, read, make, or hang out. Throughout this period, we are offering a programme of free workshops and events for young people, older people and families.

Children’s author and art book publisher Doro Globus worked with us as an advisor for the library and helped with the selection.

Fantastical Worlds

The space will also feature an installation from Project Motorhouse. Fantastical Worlds is a collaboration between Year 8 students at Royal Harbour Academy and Project Motorhouse. In May 2022, a group of 21 students took part in a series of imaginative & collaborative workshops with photographer Tim Topple, artist Christopher Tipping alongside Jo Mapp and Janet Fielding from Project Motorhouse.

Taking inspiration from pop-up books, Alice in Wonderland and comic fantasy, the group experimented with surreal photography, performance, and collage to reimagine their town. Familiar and dreamlike, the artwork weaves together real-life stories and fantastical events to create an otherworldly vision of Ramsgate.