Show image caption Steve McQueen Ashes, 2002-2015 Super8 and 16mm colour film, transferred to HD, sound, posters 20 minutes 31 seconds © Steve McQueen. Courtesy the artist, Thomas Dane Gallery and Marian Goodman Gallery.

Fanzine resource

Download a brand new fanzine resource created by People Dem Collective and Studio Camo, inspired by Steve McQueen's work Ashes, now exhibiting at the gallery.

Instructions for creating your zine

  • Step 1 – Download your fanzine pack, which includes:
  1. Steve McQueen Fanzine
  2. Fanzine template
  3. Fanzine artist graphics cheat sheet
  4. Fanzine support sheet

HINT – These can be printed in A4 or A3.

  • Step 2 – Get practicing and use the Steve McQueen Fanzine made by Camo-Studios to perfect your folding and fanzine skills. HINT – At the bottom of the fanzine support sheet, it shows you how to fold and where to cut.


  • Step 3 – Use the support sheet to inspire the content for each page. HINT – Look at how Studio Camo was inspired and how they answered some of the questions for their fanzine.


  • Step 4 Time to get creative and get cutting and sticking. Use the graphic cheat sheet to get you started. HINT – Don’t forget, it’s your fanzine!  You can also get images from newspapers and magazines or you might want to do your own illustrations. Make it your own.


  • Step 5Once you’ve created your fanzine, consider making copies to give to your friends and/ or family to start a conversation about the topics you’ve touched on.