People Dem Collective Exhibition

People Dem Collective will stage an exhibition at Turner Contemporary this summer as a direct response to the global protests resulting from the murder of George Floyd. This follows the anti–racism marches in Thanet, organised by People Dem Collective, which were attended by over 4000 people.

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Saturday 1st August

Saturday 1st August - Sunday 6th September

Please note you must book a free ticket to attend this exhibition.
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Turner Contemporary Rendezvous, Margate, Kent CT9 1HG

Please note for this exhibition you will now need to book a free ticket in advance of attending. You can book your slot here.

Taking place from Saturday 1st August until Sunday 6th September, this immersive exhibition will include a film showing the recent Black Lives Matter marches, over 100 banners from the protests, as well as a large wall hanging including the names of those killed through police violence in the UK. Visitors to the exhibition will be invited to kneel for 8 minutes 46 seconds – the same amount of time that George Floyd was filmed being murdered by the police – while they watch the film of the marches. 

In June 2020, People Dem Collective ran two peaceful protest marches across Margate, Ramsgate and BroadstairsOrganised in solidarity with the global protest movement resulting from the murder of Mr George Floyd and the many others that have lost their lives due to police brutality. The marches were attended by over 4000 people from the local and surrounding areas. 

People Dem Collective is a community group based in Margate who facilitate systematic change, promote healing and continue the work of their ancestors. Members of their leadership team are from Black, Brown and Diaspora (people of cultural heritage other than the place they were born) communities in ThanetThe collective was born out of a lived experience of lack of space, engagement and inclusion for Black, Brown and Diaspora communities. 

People Dem Collective is working towards the aim of setting up a significant national cultural centre on the seafront in Margate named the People Dem Collective Cultural Centre, which will be open to all the communities of and visitors to Margate. Visitors will be taught Black, Brown and Diaspora British history and identity while being supported on their own anti-racist journey.  

To support their ambition of setting up this cultural centreon Tuesday 4th August 2020, People Dem Collective are organizing a series of activations at local landmarks with Projections on Walls.

To find out more about People Dem Collective, follow them on Instagram.