Emerging Producers Programme

For Young People

Over the course of two years and meeting weekly, Turner Contemporary worked with eight local young people (Emerging Producers) to provide training and work experience in producing roles within the creative sector.

The Emerging Producers were a central part of the O Dreamland project, generously supported by Freelands Foundation as Principal Supporter, which led to an exhibition at Turner Contemporary in 2023.  The group were selected as part of Creative Estuary’s Re:Generation 2031 programme, providing employment and skills development to 18 –25 year olds across the Estuary.

During the Emerging Producers Programme, the group worked alongside artists (including Turner Prize winning artist Mark Leckey), Turner Contemporary staff and industry professionals to help research, develop and deliver the Oh! Dreamland exhibition and workshop space in the Clore Learning Studio. This included realising significant new commissions and a public programme of live performance during the show and in the lead up, such as Salamagundy ‘22 Variety Show, a Creative Estuary Co-Commission which took place at Dreamland Roller Room in December 2022.

The project provided valuable paid experience for those with an interest of working within the creative industries, recognising that Thanet’s Youth Unemployment is the highest in the Southeast of England.  Working collaboratively through a process of research, experience design and production, the group built on soft skills such as confidence, critical thinking and communication whilst deepening their understanding on how galleries and other organisations operate.

The Emerging Producers were: Oliver Castle, Layla Crick, Oliver Fisher, Danniella Jasper, Miroslava Karaskova, Eridanus Kyren, Philippa Raye and Stuart Rayner, led by Jennifer Scott, Learning & Engagement Manager at Turner Contemporary.

Turner Contemporary has created a very accommodating and supportive environment for me to learn on the job and to take initiative. Working at the gallery for a year has opened my horizons and introduced new ways to get involved with the artistic community. I can already see the growth in my confidence and readiness for a future career in the creative industries.

(Emerging Producer, 2023)

I’ve always wanted to work within the arts, but never thought I’d gain the skills or confidence to pursue it, let alone where to start. The EP project allowed me a rare opportunity to get my foot on the ladder, and now, I want to keep climbing! I’ve found something both rewarding and exciting – and I don’t want it to end here! I’m proud to add this to a CV that I hope will only continue to grow.

(Emerging Producer, 2023)

It was amazing to see how much I was capable of doing, not just coming up with ideas and accepting ideas that were sometimes out of my comfort zone, but also being able to execute them. I have proved myself that there is so much I can do.

(Emerging Producer, 2023)

The whole experience has been brilliant. I’ve felt included, valued, and at ease.

(Emerging Producer, 2023)

Alongside studio-based sessions the Emerging Producers visited exhibitions, openings and creative studios, meeting staff from a range of roles, including:


Towards the end of the project some were also involved in further paid work supporting the project

  • Additional paid hours to be involved with installation of In The Offing and Oh! Dreamland.
  • 2 members of the group spent 2 paid days devising a local heritage walking tour with Dan Thompson and delivered it to public.

Project Supporters

The Emerging Producers programme was part of a three-year project of which Freelands Foundation was Principal Supporter.

Creative Estuary’s Re:Generation 2031 programme was also Supporter of the Emerging Producers programme and Salamagundy ’22  and Oh! Dreamland  was a Creative Estuary Co-commission.

Freelands Foundation

Freelands Foundation was set up in 2015 by Elisabeth Murdoch to give an increased number of people the chance to engage with and enjoy the arts in the UK, with a particular focus on education. It aims to do this in three ways: by advancing education to enable everyone, regardless of background or location, to take part in the creation and enjoyment of art; by empowering artists and arts organisations across the breadth of the UK to expand their reach in their communities; and by commissioning research that explores the value that art and culture bring to society. Read more at www.freelandsfoundation.co.uk

Creative Estuary

Creative Estuary has a vision to forge a new future founded on creative energy and innovation, along the length of the Thames Estuary. At Creative Estuary our ambition is clear: To transform 60 miles of the Thames Estuary across Essex and Kent into one of the most exciting creative clusters in the world. We’re going to do this by developing the places where the creative industries can build a vibrant and prosperous future, enriching communities and strengthening the region.

Re:Generation 2031 is an innovative approach to developing the creative skills of young people aged 16 to 25 years in less advantaged areas of North Kent/South Essex. Young people will receive a route into the creative industries through mentoring programmes, funding support, new training courses and exciting networking opportunities.

Our ambition is to develop our next generation of cultural and creative leaders, transforming young lives through creative opportunities and experiences. Read more at www.creativeestuary.com

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