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How much does the gallery cost to enter?
Admission to Turner Contemporary is FREE.

How is the gallery funded? 
Turner Contemporary is a charity. Our core funders are Kent County Council and Arts Council England. We fundraise and generate income through our commercial activities (café, shop and venue hire).

We are grateful for all support, however big or small. You can donate online at Alternatively, you can speak to our Development Team on 01843 233000.

Getting here
Road signage to the gallery needs improving. When will road signage updates take place? 
We are aware that road signage can be improved along major routes to the gallery. We are working closely with Kent County Council and Thanet District Council to improve road signage. Road signage projects are managed by the councils, who schedule updates alongside many other development projects. We take a regular, proactive approach to encourage improvements, but are unable to determine when updates will occur as this is led by the councils. Please visit and for details.

Where is the entrance sign showing the way into Turner Contemporary?
The gallery is an iconic architectural landmark on Margate seafront. To indicate its position, there are large signs outside of the gallery on The Parade. There is also signage on the external wall of the building with opening times and notifying you that admission is free.

Why is there no parking?
The gallery has onsite disabled parking (seven spaces), on the piazza at the front of the gallery. These spaces are signposted. No parking was a condition of our planning permission, as stipulated by Thanet District Council, to encourage pedestrian movement throughout the town, thereby maximising the regenerative effect of Turner Contemporary.

The RNLI Lifeboat Station is positioned next to the gallery and it is vital that there is access to the sea from the station at all times. The seafront piazza is for pedestrians and cyclists only and must be kept clear at all times for the RNLI lifeboat in case of emergencies.

There is parking nearby (see below).

Where is the nearest parking?
There is on-street parking near the gallery (on the Harbour Arm next to the gallery, charges apply), as well as pay and display car parks close by:

- Trinity Square CT9 1HR)

- College Square (Morrison's multi storey) CT9 1QA

Map of parking in Margate >

Art and exhibitions
We aim to offer our visitors a new experience each visit and to illuminate Turner’s work in new and exciting ways.

Through our Public and Learning Programmes we offer visitors a range of opportunities to engage with and be stimulated by art, from events, workshops and projects to talks, film screenings and performances.

We are determined that every person we engage with has a unique and meaningful experience at the gallery. We work closely with schools, children and young people, offering unique opportunities for team building and skills development.

Can I see a permanent collection of Turner works?
We do not have a permanent collection, but show a rolling programme of temporary exhibitions. We are committed to showing at least one work by Turner at all times, which can be a painting, sketch or sketchbook, as well as major exhibitions of his work: such as Turner and the Elements in 2012, Turner and Constable in 2013 and Making Painting: Helen Frankenthaler and JMW Turner in 2014.

We work closely with Tate and other world collections to show Turner works not regularly on show, such as Colour Beginnings, which featured in our 2012 Turner and the Elements exhibition.

Visitors often remark “Why is that art?” 
This is an eternal question for gallery visitors. There is no right and wrong answer when viewing art. At Turner Contemporary, we invite you to enjoy a range of art and artists, both historical and contemporary, and a variety of artistic mediums. We are not asking you to think in a particular way, or to ‘like’ everything you see. We aim to make world-class art accessible to all, for free.

We hope through our changing exhibitions and our events, that you have the opportunity to see, think and learn differently, every time you visit the gallery.

Do you show work by local contemporary artists?
Turner Contemporary is an exhibiting gallery (a gallery that displays art), rather than a commercial gallery (a gallery that sells art). We show works by leading national and international artists. 

We plan our exhibitions up to 5 years in advance, and our aim is to show a diverse range of historical and contemporary art. This can include local artists, such as contemporary artist Hamish Fulton who is based in Canterbury and was exhibited in the gallery in 2012.

Why doesn't Turner Contemporary sell work by local artists?
Turner Contemporary is a publicly funded exhibiting gallery. We are not a commercial gallery (a gallery that sells art). Artworks we show are not for sale.

Who chooses which artists will have their work displayed and how are they selected?
We have a dedicated programming team which includes our Director Victoria Pomery, Head of Exhibitions Sarah Martin, Head of Learning Karen Eslea, as well as curators and learning officers. Many factors are considered when devising the exhibition programme. Our mission is to present world-class art, to inspire, challenge and engage visitors, and to show a diverse range of artists, artworks and art forms. Alongside this, we consider the cost and logistics of showing the artworks, and how audiences will respond to the art. We aim to make great art accessible to all.

Can I take photographs in the galleries?
The copyright of every artwork is owned by an individual or organisation. Depending on a lender’s specification determines whether photography of an artwork at Turner Contemporary is allowed. We follow copyright procedures as advised by the artists and lenders.
Whilst many exhibitions have a no photography policy due to copyright, commissions and artworks displayed in our Sunley Gallery and corridor often are ok to photograph.

A no photography symbol is displayed to indicate that photography is not permitted, and our Gallery Assistants are always available to advise you.

Please check before taking photographs.

In spaces where no artworks are displayed, we welcome visitors to take photos and share memories of your visit with us on Twitter @TCMargateFacebook and Flickr.

Are there signs telling me not to take photos?
Yes, we show the symbol below at the entry of an exhibition to inform visitors that photography is not permitted. Our Gallery Assistants are also there to advise, please feel free to ask them what can be photographed. 
Can I bring my dog into the gallery?
Family pets are not allowed into the gallery. Assistance dogs and trainee assistance dogs are permitted.
Which local cafes and restaurants would you recommend?
There are plenty of independent cafes and restaurants in Margate, in the Old Town and High Street which are both a short walking distance from the gallery. From sit down meals to light bites and coffee specialists, there’s something to suit every taste and budget. Turner Contemporary also has a café, next to the entrance of the gallery which serves hot and cold food, cakes, snacks and a range of drinks.