Extraordinary Portraits

Foyle Corridor

An exhibition of portraits created for the BBC TV series, Extraordinary Portraits.

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Wednesday 7 September

Wednesday 7 September - Sunday 23 October 2022

Turner Contemporary Rendezvous, Margate, Kent CT9 1HG

Turner Contemporary presents the first exhibition of the BBC’s Extraordinary Portraits TV series, “where skills meet stories.”

Opening on Wednesday 7 September, this exhibition will showcase the powerful portraits created in the TV series in which rapper and presenter, Tinie, matches fourteen extraordinary people with twelve talented artists from across the UK, to create a series of breathtaking portraits.

These portraits depict individuals from across the country with incredible, personal and powerful stories. These extraordinary portraits reflect Great Britain in all its glory.

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Extraordinary Portraits

Great portraiture is a kind of magic trick; it has the unique ability to capture both the likeness of the sitter, and also to say something deeper about the soul of a subject.

The pieces in this exhibition were produced for Extraordinary Portraits, a series that matches members of the public with  extraordinary stories and incredible lives with some of the most talented and innovative artists working today.

Our aim was to change perceptions, and to champion the very best of British creative talent.

These amazing artists bring a diverse range of styles and approach to this collection – but every portrait tells a story about the sitters experiences, about their lives, about their bravery, about their achievements.

“It was such an inspiring journey to go on with her to create this artwork – she really shone as her true self under the water” Christy Lee Rogers.

These portraits are a surprising, insightful, and compelling snapshot of Modern Britain in all its glory.